I am graduate of Wroclaw University of Sience and Technology with” a Master’s degree from electronics and telecommunication in 2007 and a Master’s degree from software engineering in 2013.


Since novemer 2010 I work for OVH. I started as technical expert at 1st line technical support. After few years I moved to R&D team and I started my journey as a devops engineer in Public Cloud R&D team where I first time heard about OpenStack.

I was working on first OpenStack based Runabove’s and later also OVH’s Public Cloud offers. I was working with puppet modules to prepare deployment system as well as python’s code to fix bugs which we found in OpenStack code or to add some features which we needed in those days.


Since 2015 I am also upstream OpenStack developer. I am contributung mostly to OpenStack Neutron and OpenStack SDK/Shade projects.

Since december 2017 I am member of Neutron’s and SDK’s core teams. I am also lead of Neutron QoS subteam where I work on development of Quality of Service solutions in OpenStack Neutron.

Currently I am also one of liaisons in First Contact SIG for OpenStack Neutron, so if You have any questions or need any help with using Neutron and/or contributing to this project, please contact me.

Contact with me

You can mail me at slawek at this domain.

You can also catch me on IRC. I am usually available on #openstack-neutron channel at @freenode. My nick there is slaweq.